Brother Levi: As members of the Youth corner we are part of the gospel band.

I enjoy playing in the band, at first I found It a bit difficult to fit in, but now I
have the confidence to play the keyboard as part of the team.

I would like to thank GOD, and the more experienced band members who helped
with my transition to develop my keyboard skills and encouraged me to play live
at performance shows.

Brother Stephen: I have been lucky enough to be involved with the gospel band,
it’s been a very interesting experience playing the bass. I can see the music is
transforming and becoming more youthful as the younger generation have written
new music and played a variety of genres.

I would also like to thank GOD and the other members of the band who have always
been helpful and supportive from when I first joined.

We both hope the music continues to improve and that we both remain involved in
GOD’s performing work.

We do encourage any young members to get involved with the band, whether it’s writing songs, playing instruments or singing, because it’s a very supportive environment and you will never be without help or support! Let us know if you are interested!