Prophet Jermaine Gooden’s Biography

Prophet Jermaine Gooden is one of the Prophets in New Life Worldwide Apostolic Church and Deliverance Ministries. Prophet Jermaine has served the LORD for over 12 years.

As a young member of the Church, he expressed an interest in the Church band in particular playing the drums. Years on, he still continues to play the drums for the Church. He progressed as a Help, assisting the Elders and Apostles in the Ministry of the LORD.

In 2013, he was ordained a Minister, in the House of the LORD. His evangelical work has taken him to Jamaica; working with the Elders and Apostle in witnessing, deliverance and the blessing of many people’s lives by the Power of JESUS CHRIST.

As a Minister of the LORD, his responsibilities include spreading the Gospel, praising GOD and assisting the Elders and Apostles with the Youth group in our Church. He is also one of the volunteer drivers for our Outreach Church meetings in Bristol and London.

Prophet Jermaine can be contacted via email at