Senior Elder & Apostle David M. Abraham’s Biography

Senior Elder and Apostle David M. Abraham is one of the Elders in New Life Worldwide Apostolic Church and Deliverance Ministries. Senior Elder David has served the LORD for over 25 years, right from his youth, where he was working with the Founder Apostle Keith Abraham in various roles.

His work for the LORD involves running the Mother Church Headquarters in the UK and evangelising in the Sister Churches in the USA and Jamaica. He is also involved in the London and Bristol Ministries. As the Head of the UK Church Operations, he leads a team of people to accomplish a variety of duties in the ministry.
His anointing work extends to preaching the Word with Power, delivering the oppressed from evil spirits, healing and baptising with the Holy Spirit. He also plays the guitar and praises GOD, bringing the Power of Praise to the captive souls.

He has written articles of Truth to feed the Church and expanded on the Word of GOD, presenting food of Truth for present day trials. His passion for music has led him for many years into sound engineering for the LORD. He has been producing music CDs since 1990 to the present day. Senior Elder David is very focused on the youth of today, encouraging them to come to the LORD; he works with the Apostles and Ministers, who teach and maintain regular studies with the young children in the Church.

Senior Elder David can be contacted via email at