Elder Asa Abraham’s Biography

Elder Asa Abraham is one of the Elders in New Life Worldwide Apostolic Church and Deliverance Ministries. Elder Asa has served the LORD for over 22 years as a Minister. He has preached the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST in the UK, the USA, and in Jamaica, working alongside the Elders of New Life Worldwide Apostolic Church. In addition, he has travelled to Norway for the purpose of evangelical work.

Elder Asa began in the Church as a member who rapidly became involved in Gospel music and played the drums for the Church’s Gospel Band.

Now, as an Elder of CHRIST, he enjoys encouraging the worship of CHRIST through Gospel music, as well as working in unity with the Elders, Apostles and the Ministers of the LORD, preaching the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST, praying for the sick and baptising with the Holy Spirit in accordance with scripture.

Elder Asa regularly travels to Bristol, where the Church has an outreach Ministry; GOD has opened an effectual door for all who need prayers, deliverance, blessings and spiritual support.

Elder Asa is dedicated to serving the LORD within New Life Worldwide Apostolic Church and can be contacted via email at newlifeworldwide@yahoo.co.uk.